Caught Up

Caught Up

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Will We hear??

I used to keep my window cracked a bit when driving years ago. Why you ask? Well, I wanted to make sure that if the rapture happened at that time I would be SURE to hear the trumpet blast calling me home. I was a new Christian and thought like a child then. Haven't cracked my window in a while. Now I know that my window doesn't have to be open for me to actually hear the trumpet sound but I think in some way it was an act of faith telling the Lord and myself that I was watching, waiting and up for the trip. It always reminded me that the Lord's return is imminent and could happen at any time. Nothing else left in prophecy that has to happen to delay the event. I think I'm going to start cracking my window a bit again and think like and have child-like faith. What about you???

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  1. I do believe all the signs are there~ we just sit and wait. Until then I just pray that I can make a positive impact on those I come in contact with and that I would raise my children to love and serve the Lord.