Caught Up

Caught Up

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Perhaps Today ???

For us Pre-Trib watchers, I think we always have a keen ear tuned into the heavenlies don't we?  We hear a train whistle, a siren or any trumpet type alarm and our little ears spring up with excitement. Is it??? Could it be??? And then we realize that it was just an uneventful tease in our quest for that one special moment in our future when it will actually be the Trumpet of Gabriel calling us home to be with our Lord.

I wake up every morning and say to myself ... Perhaps Today!!! Every day is a new opportunity for this glorious event we are anticipating. Until then, occupy until He comes. Share His message.Love your neighbor. Don't become weary in well doing. The Lord is not slack concerning His promises.....

Ears perked....
Susan <//><

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  1. It worked! You know I often think to that it would awesome for the Lord to return quickly....and then I think about my loved ones that do not know the Lord and it gives me pause for thought. So you are right we need not to become weary in doing good because we are what those around us are looking at for testimonies to Christ. It is like what one of my pastors said...we may be the only Jesus someone sees. Makes me think through my actions.