Caught Up

Caught Up

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

She's In The Mirror

Well, today 10 years ago a young woman in a distant country gave birth to a little girl. This woman was most likely alone and scared but had a mission. To nurture this little baby girl for the next nine days and get her safely to a nearby orphanage. Tired from childbirth and fearing the inpending goodby, she made her way to the closest safe place to leave her little bundle. An orphanage in nearby Changsha, China.

Most likely riding on a bicycle with her baby in a basket on her back she made her way miles from home. It is against the law to abandon a baby in China, also to have more than one. Kind of a Lose, Lose situation. Hiding in the dark, she left her precious baby girl in her basket with a note pinned to her shirt saying, " I'm Nine Days Old". Then she looked at and kissed that precious face for the very last time. Saying " I Love You" she walked away . Then she hid in the bushes and awaited her child's rescue by an orphanage nanny. One did finally come and took here little daughter into the building.

I'm sure that was a very lonely long ride home for this young mother. Knowing she would never see her daughter again but hoping that she did the right thing.

Today is our daughter Lily Xiao Fei's 10th Birthday. I am quite certain there is a mother 10 years older today imagining what that little baby girl looks like today. Is she safe. Is she happy. Does she know about me. She does know about you because we have told her that her birth mommy in China loves her soooo much that she gave her up so that she would have a better life.

Lily once asked," What Does My Birth Mommy Look Like". I told her .... Just Look In The Mirror.  And she does .... daily!

Thank you to that special woman who gave us such a precious gift. She is well, happy, and loves us both.


  1. This is so beautiful, You are a very special mother.

  2. What a blessing that the Lord placed Lily with your family~ God does amazing things and he knew all along where she would be and how she would grow up. Wishing a wonderfully blessed year!